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Enabling you to create legacy firearms for generations to come with our precision line of checkering tools.  See what clients have created with our one-of-a-kind tools to improve and transform their firearms.

A Cut Above

Meet the titan

The Titan power checkering machine is the tool of choice around the world and is used by both large manufacturers and individual artisans to create straight lines and sharp diamonds. 


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Boutique Manufacturing

At Ullman Precision Products we have spent a considerable amount of time generating fixturing and jigs to increase our productivity. Take advantage of our knowledge and ingenuity and increase your profits by allowing us to manufacture your short run part needs. From a one-off fixture or jig, to a small run of up to 400 parts, we are here to help. By having us make your parts and fixtures, we can free you to do what is most profitable and keep your customers happy by maintaining accurate delivery times. Contact us today and take advantage of our unique understanding of the firearms industry and let us help you make the most out of your ideas.


What People Are Saying

If one is to checker more than a couple of hardwood gunstock, Ullman’s carbide tools are worth the investment. Using the precision carbide tools may inspire you to checker more gunstocks.
-Steven Dodd Hughes, Gunmaker, Author, & Writer, U.S.
My order arrived first thing this morning. I’ve just completed my latest stock in record time, thanks to them. Sir, these tools of yours are a pleasure to work with and are by far the best I’ve ever used. They track perfectly and are tremendously well made, very confidence inspiring. When finances allow, (which will hopefully be very soon), I’ll be upgrading my entire line of tools with yours, I’m so seriously impressed.
-Craig Petty, England