Titan Checkering Tool


The Titan power checkering machine is the tool of choice around the world and is used by both large manufacturers and individual artisans to create straight lines and sharp diamonds.

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The Titan has a stream lined body with maximum weight reduction and a low center of gravity, giving it unprecedented balance in the hand. The light weight and exacting tolerances built into every machine give it the desired stability, steadiness, and accuracy one needs to checker all day long and do so with minimal fatigue in the hand and wrist. Depending on the thickness of the carbide wheel used, The Titan can checker from 16 to 32 lines per inch in both metal and wood.  All parts for this power checkering tool are CNC machined and ground in house, using both state of the art technology and old world craftsmanship, the combination of which will make The Titan one of the most profitable tool purchases in your shop.  It can turn a three-day checkering job into a few hours work, with better results, leaving you with more money in your pocket and time in your day.  The Titan can be powered with a Foredom machine, pneumatically or electrically with a hand held micro motor.


Foredom, Pneumatic, Electric


.062 Width- 90°, .062 Width- 75°, .050 Width- 90°, .050 Width- 75°, .040 Width- 90°, .040 Width- 75°, No Wheel

Pedal (Only Available with Electric Power)

With Pedal, Without Pedal

Hand Preference

Left-Handed, Right-Handed