Carbide Wheel


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Our 30 tooth carbide wheels are ground to meet the high standards of your checkering.  Simply put they last and last and when they lose their edge we can sharpen them.  (Please make Sharpen a link to Sharpen page) They have the same thread as the old MMC and Doiron D-3 power checkering machines and will thread right on.

The .062 wheel is an all-purpose wheel, it will do 16 to 24 lines per inch and is the number one wheel thickness we sell.

The .050 is for those who don’t checker the larger L.P.I.’s, but want to go finer than 24 L.P.I.  It does well in the 22 to 28 lines per inch ranges.

The .040 is for small L.P.I.’s  doing its best work 26 to 32 L.P.I.


90°, 75°


.040, .050, .062