See what customers around the world have created with our tools. 

Bone Grip Checkering

These Camel Bone 1911 grips were checkered by Travis Hall using The Titan power checkering machine. Follow Travis for more inspiration at @hillbillygrip. More info on the Titan: 

Rifle Checkering

Make something worth looking at! These builds are from the bench of Jesse Kaufman. Just look at the flawless execution of these patterns. See more of his work at  @jessekaufmanengraving. 

Buttplate Checkering

This checkered horn buttplate was easy to do with our carbide cutters. Checkering is from the bench of Kirt Kimsey. We offer: 

Checkering By Hand

This gun is from the bench of Ebbie Michael Jones. Built on a CZ 550. Checkered using the The Titan power checkering machine and carbide hand tools. Shop our hand tools: