About Us

Ullman Precision Products is a family run business. We proudly manage and operate as a family business and look forward to providing you with quality tools.

Michael D. Ullman has been working full time in the custom gunmaking trade for over 25 years. He has been a member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild since 2001.  In May of 2014, with the help of his family, he started Ullman Precision Products, providing the firearms industry worldwide with best quality checkering tools and accessories.  Whether you are building an artisan built, eloquent handcrafted gun or doing large scale production checkering, we are here to provide for your needs.  At Ullman Precision Products we have the unique advantage that Michael uses the tools and products we manufacture.  It gives us the benefit of knowing what will work best for your situation and skill level.


“We look forward to continuing to serve you and seeing how you use our products to complete your projects.”


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“Michael and the team from Ullman Precision Products have made my transition into the fine art of checkering a breeze. Without a doubt the most accurate tooling available to the checkering market today, as well as a friendly approach to business ensuring customers are looked after. A pleasure to deal with! Michael has a wealth of knowledge and helped with any questions that I had surrounding tooling or process.” – Lewie Carpenter, Australia


“Ullman Precision Products builds quality reliable tools necessary for the professional craftsman. Numerous times I’ve relied on Michael Ullman’s personal attention for fast dependable service. I was in a bind with broke tools and needed new ones ASAP before work got back logged during peak season. What a relief when Michael said he had tools in stock and will expedite shipping. Just a few days later I was back in business operating at full speed. Thank you Ullman Precision Products!” -John Reese Engraving, U.S. 


“If one is to checker more than a couple of hardwood gunstock, Ullman’s carbide tools are worth the investment.  Using the precision carbide tools may inspire you to checker more gunstocks.” -Steven Dodd Hughes, Gunmaker, Author, & Writer, U.S. 


“My order arrived first thing this morning. I’ve just completed my latest stock in record time, thanks to them. Sir, these tools of yours are a pleasure to work with and are by far the best I’ve ever used. They track perfectly and are tremendously well made, very confidence inspiring. When finances allow, (which will hopefully be very soon), I’ll be upgrading my entire line of tools with yours, I’m so seriously impressed.” -Craig Petty, England


“The best checkering tools out there, period!  They are top of the line for quality, they are the most durable tools, and they stay sharp the longest out of any of the checkering tools available.  I’d be lost without them, and they make checkering so much easier for me. I recommend them to everyone that will be doing checkering work.”-Brian Byers, U.S. 

The Best Quality
Gun-Making Tools

We specialize in and offer many tools to keep you creating: 

Checkering Tools

Hand, foredom machine, pneumatically or electrically powered tools.

Gunsmithing Tools

Punches, pillars, alignment screws and more.

Stock Blanks

Premium stock blanks for your next build.