Should I Checker my Stock?

“Should I checker my stock?  If so, what checkering tools should I buy?”

I get this question a lot around here and thus, thought I would share my opinion on the matter.  When I see a stock that does not have checkering on it looks a little incomplete.  I understand the reasoning behind why a factory would choose not to checker their gun.  It takes time, and time is money, and they can send a gun out quicker and cheaper if they skip a step.  But on a wood stock that is exactly what it looks like to me.  Like a step has been skipped and the stock is left unfinished. 

So, in my opinion, checker the stock.  We offer a great set of checkering tools for the beginner with our Starter Set.  Checkering not only adds an aesthetic element to the gunstock but it also adds a practical feature.  Giving you more purchase, which better bonds your hands to the gun, when you grab it to make that important shot on that buck of a lifetime. 

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