The Advantages of the ClearView Checkering Handle

Best View on the Checkering Bench: The Advantages of the ClearView Checkering Handle


What advantage does the ClearView checkering handle provide over standard checkering handles? 

       When it comes to checkering tools and the handle that holds them, most are the standard 1/8th inch steel handle that has a double bend in it, often called a dog leg. A few years ago, we here at Ullman Precision Products came out with the ClearView checkering handle and we often get asked what are the advantages to such a handle.



       There are a couple of advantages to the ClearView, and it is not only being able to view the back of the cutter unimpeded. First, as the name implies, the ClearView checkering handle allows you to easily view the back of the cutter. This allows you, when using a pull motion to cut your checkering diamonds to clearly see the line you are working on. There are times where the best way to get to an edge is to back into the edge and the ClearView handle gives a very open look at the work, uninhibited by a handle that is directly over the line and cutter. It also allows you to view the work more head on, or in line with the cutter and the line from which you are removing material. One piece of advice is to have your body aligned with the work as it is important and one should try and be in line with the work as much as possible.  The ClearView handle does this without impairing the view like a standard checkering tool.



       The other big advantage that the ClearView possesses has to do with its rigidity and its adjustments.  When it comes to stiffness, the ClearView has no equal. The two ¼ inch rods that come out of the handle make for a tool that does not vibrate when you are cutting over cross grain wood. Sometimes when making that cut the checkering cutter and handle will vibrate just a little, leaving some chatter on the wood in your diamonds. The ClearView handle virtually eliminates that problem. The ¼ inch rods combined with a one-inch wooden handle, and a head that is machined from one-piece of steel provide a sturdy extension of your arm when checkering.



       The last benefit is that the head on the ClearView handle is adjustable 360 degrees. You can loosen the two front set screws at the end of the ¼ inch rods and rotate the head, setting it up for the angle that best works for you. You also can fine tune that angle by using the two screws on the top of head that are used to hold the checkering cutter in place and eliminate wobble.  By loosening and tightening the screws you can pivot the cutter up or down, thus really dialing it in and getting the cutter to the precise angle that suits you best.



       Overall, the ClearView handle is an excellent versatile tool that will eliminate some of the common problems with the standard 1/8th inch steel handle and excels in other areas to further benefit your checkering experience. Head on over to our website to grab yours today, and don’t forget to stock up on spacing tools while you’re at it!


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