Something Fresh: 60-degree Veiner

Something Fresh: 60-degree Veiner

     They have been in the works for quite some time.  But developing a new and better checkering tool takes just that, time.   Ullman Precision Products is happy to announce that the first of our new veiners, made in-house, to our exacting standards, are now ready for shipping.  The first release will be our 60-degree veiner with a 90-degree version soon to follow.  Be sure to give us a follow on social media so that you know when the 90-degree veiners drop.  | Facebook | Instagram | X 

     At first glance it will be obvious that something is different about this new checkering tool.  The downward bend of the veiner is something not often encountered in the checkering world.  While not an entirely new concept, when paired with our in-palm style push handle, it becomes something innovative and new.  It may look a little strange, but put this new tool, designed for comfort and stability, in your hand and you will immediately feel the genius behind its design as you push it into the wood.  The downward bend allows you to engage the gunstock at a lower approach angle, which enables your hand and fingers to comfortably make contact with the wood, offering better stability and control as you steer the veiner through the checkering pattern.  The veiner is also ground to have a short heel on the bottom of the tool.  This allows you to easily make those tight turns that are a part of a beautiful Fleur-de-lis pattern, like the Lance or the Hilt, that you will find available at Ullman Precision Products.

     We debuted the new veiners at the annual Dallas Safari Club show in January 2024 and put these new tools into the hands of some of the top professional stockmakers from around the world. We received fantastic reviews and accolades from every one of them.  Not only that, but they all gave us the best compliment we could ask for, they purchased one right there on the spot. Their support and excitement caused us to sell out in just two days.  Get yours today and find out why these professionals thought this new checkering tool was a must-have for their checkering tool arsenal. 



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